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Lost and Found:The "Missing Girls" in Rural China

Authors: John James Kennedy and Yaojiang Shi

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Year of Publication: 2019

In 1979, the Chinese government famously introduced The Single Child Policy to control population growth. Nearly 40 years later, the result is an estimated 20 million "missing girls" in the population from 1980-2010. In Lost and Found: the "Missing Girls" in Rural China, John James Kennedy and Yaojiang Shi focus on village-level implementation of the one-child policy and the level of mutual-noncompliance between officials and rural families. Through in-depth interviews with rural parents and local leaders, they reveal that many had strong incentives not to comply with the birth control policy because larger families meant increased labor and income. In this sober exploration of China's Single Child Policy throughout the reform period, the authors more broadly show how governance by grassroots cadres with greater local autonomy has affected China in the past and the challenges for resolving center-versus-locality contradictions in governance that lie ahead.

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Important Addendum to Book_August 2019

The "Missing" Debate: A Related Discussion Regarding the estimates of the "Missing Girls"

See Cai, Yong (2017) "Missing Girls or Hidden Girls? A Comment on Shi and Kennedy's "Delayed Registration and Identifying the 'Missing Girls'" China Quarterly

See Shi, Yaojiang and John James Kennedy (2017), "Missing Girls, Indirect Measures and Critical Assumptions: A Response to Cai Yong" China Quarterly 

Book Review from Perspectives on Politics, December 2019

Book Review from Journal of Chinese Political Science 2020

Book Review 找回“失踪的女孩”:人口普查中出生人口性别比失衡的政治解释

"Recovering the "missing girl": a political explanation for the imbalance of the sex ratio at birth in the census" SOC Theory (Sociological理论大缸) 2021

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Book Chapters

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