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Rural Shaanxi Family_199612022018.jpg

This is the family I stayed with in July 1996.  Mr. Wang has three children: two older daughters and the youngest is the son.  The middle daughter was unregistered and the son was registered as the "second" child. Mr. Wang believed it was important to have a son.     

Rural Shaanbei Family 2018.jpg

This picture was taken in July 2018. Mr. Wang and his wife are living in the same village and home (窰洞). We needed permission from Mr. Wang and his wife to use the 1996 image of their family for the cover of our book. This is the couple standing proudly with their granddaughter.  

Here you will find a selection of photos taken during research trips in China when I conducted field work and interviews from about 1995-2000.

To access more photos and to download for research or journalistic purposes please visit my Flickr page.

First Rural Survey for NSDRC July 2000

Mao Zedong Temples, Shaanxi 1995-2000

Northern Shaanxi Elementary Schools 1995-2002

Rural Children Northern Shaanxi1995-2002

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