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Current Research

“Family Planning and the Missing Girls” 

PPT presentation that presents the basic argument and data from the first book Lost and Found: the “Missing Girls” in Rural China

Download PPT.

“Voices of the Missing” 

An in-depth examination of China’s hukou (household registration) system and what life is like for those who are unregistered.

“The life and death of the Urban Village”

Documenting the creation and eventual demolition of urban villages in Xi’an,China. PPT presentation on the basic conditions and comparative aspect of the Urban Village in Northwest China. 


Download PPT "The Urban Village in China"

Download PPT  "Xian Urban Village 2019".

“Bare Branches and Bare Necessities”

This the second book project with Shi Yaojiang on involuntary bachelorhood, poverty and public security. The expected completion date is 2021.   

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